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NewsGroup adhere to the "cooperation to create wealth, innovation and development" business philosophy, and strive to create a harmonious at...
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monine flagship

Mengying flagship platform is the general sales platform of all non platform products of Mengying. Whether it is our agent or our store purchase and direct sales, then all marketing modes have to go through the platform:

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At present, Sichuan Mengying Technology Co., Ltd. has dozens of platforms selling products and dozens of its own innovative industry platforms. In addition, we also have dozens of core industries with broad industrial involvement. In addition, we also have cutting-edge technology and Internet-based development industries, which are developing very rapidly, and we also have departments specialized in dealing with emergencies, To ensure that all crises can be resolved immediately, we also have a tuyere development department to help analyze and plan new industries. Customers can safely hand over things to us. We will certainly live up to customers' expectations. Moreover, we will go all out to create long-term and high-quality...【more】

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